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One of a Kind, this mixed metals 18k gold and oxidized silver handmade chain necklace was a labor of love.  The gold rutilated quartz is set within a solid 18K gold halo setting with multiple layers of blackened sterling silver surrounding it.  The tapered etruscan chain has been workhardened (each link hammered for hardness before forming into its final shape) so it is lightweight yet sturdy and voluminous.  My signature angled toggle clasp stays put much better than straight toggles, and doesn't catch hair like fine chain, since it doesn't rotate too much during wear.  The oxidized sterling silver has been carefully waxed to protect the oxidized surface, so the edges will wear less, as well as create a lustrous sheen to the blackened silver.


Entirely handmade out of solid sterling silver and solid 18k gold

Gold Rutilated Quartz Celestial Halo on Handmade Etruscan Chain

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