Iris Earrings Honeycomb Necklaces Earrings and Bracelet in Gold and Silver with Gemstones
Tahitian Pearl Iris Bud Drop Earrings in 14K Gold and Argentium Silver


Argentium Silver, 14K Gold, Oxidized 18K Bi-Metal set with Pearls and Gems

Garnet Honeycomb Flower Necklace Handmade in Argentium Silver


Argentium Silver, Hand-Carved Ebony, 14K Gold and Oxidized 18K Bi-Metal

Handmade Chain Bracelets in Argentium Silver.jpg


Handmade Chain Bracelets

Argentium Silver 

Rough Luxe Stacking Rings


Handmade Rings

Argentium Silver and Mixed Metals

Ready to Ship

Enjoy a bit of sparkle and glow knowing your gemstones were sourced responsibly and set into recycled, nickel-free solid gold.  I design and hand-fabricate each piece, creating truly handmade works of art for you to wear everyday.

Trio of Gold Honeycomb Necklaces with Sapphire Diamond and Ruby.jpeg
silver stacked hex studs.jpg

Under $100

Iris Studs Aquamarine.jpg

$100 - $200

Inline Hex Bracelet.jpg

$200 - $300