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18K Gold and Argentium Silver Spaceship Pendant with a 1.23 ct Ethically Sourced Welo Opal


Hand Fabricated, this lightweight pendant has a lovely translucent rose cut welo opal that has tons of rainbow flash.  Get different looks depending on what you're wearing it over, the concave inner surface reflects the gold and light off its textured and burnished surface, while the hammered outer surface reflects sparkles onto your skin.


Sold as pendant only. 

Chain shown is an 18" 14K 1.3mm rectangular cable chain available as an add on.  I'll take photos on a silver chain soon, if you're interested in a silver chain before the update please contact me.



Dimensions and Materials:

1" Outer Diameter

1.23 ct Welo Opal, untreated and ethically sourced

Solid 18K Gold

Solid Argentium Silver

Halo Ship Pendant with Welo Opal and 18K Gold

Rupture de stock
  • Opals are slightly absorbent and more delicate than other stones, but are still sturdy enough for everyday wear if you know what not to do with them.   

    Keep away from water, chemicals, and extreme heat or cold.  If they do get wet, dry thoroughly and allow to air dry fully before enclosing it.  Store separately from other jewelry to avoid scratches.

    This pendant is made with tarnish resistant materials (18K gold and argentium silver) so it should stay bright with minimal care.  Most cleaning can be done with a soft dry cloth.  If you do use a polishing cloth (I like Goddards cloths), be careful to not touch it to the opal because most polishing cloths have abrasives in them.  You can also use a little rubbing alcohol on a q-tip on the metal parts only (do not get any alcohol on the opal!) if you want to deep clean.